Getting to Room Temperature

Getting to Room Temperature Getting to Room Temperature - Robert Bockstael

Doctor: "What can I do for you, Rose?"

Rose: "I would like to die, Doctor. Can you help me?"

Doctor: "No, and donít ask me again."

"Getting to Room Temperature" is a hard-hitting, sentimental and funny one-person play about dying Ė based mostly on a true story.

At 93-and-a-half, playwright Arthur Milnerís healthy and active mother Rose took a turn for the worse. He accompanied her to the doctor where her request for assistance in dying was respectfully refused. Roseís decline and polite quest for euthanasia takes us on an emotional journey into grudgingly explored territory.

Canada is currently embroiled in a conversation about the right to die. Inspired by this debate, our own experiences, our need to laugh in the face of death, and respond to the questions that lie at the heart of our lives, The Room Temperature Collective has set out to develop Milnerís beautiful exploration of the death of a parent.

With humour, wisdom, irony, and a deep connection to lives gone before, Arthur Milnerís new play "Getting to Room Temperature" invites audiences into an honest and wry conversation about aging and dying in Canada.

There will be a talkback session following the performance.

"The provocative one-man show that targets our sense of right and wrong. Milner, through the accessible voice of Bockstael, wraps his questions in warm anecdotes about his family, sprinkles the show with humour, and lovingly depicts his vital, opinionated mother." - Patrick Langston, Ottawa Citizen



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