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GLORY - Shay Kuebler's Radical System Art

"GLORY" is inspired by the epic battles of childhood and a passion for action films. The performance examines the complexities of violent behaviour and its glorification in our media-drenched culture.

With first-person video material, "GLORY" takes the audience through multiple images and expressions on the amplification of violence in society. It pushes the audience to question the purpose and reasoning of violent material in society.

The work seems a natural extension of Kuebler’s hit from last season Karoshi. Though thematically different, both works have a cinematic quality—Kuebler loves contrasting lightning-fast scenes with slo-mo—and a love of sound effects. What they also have in common is the ability to attract and entertain a young audience—a hip, pop-culture and tech-savvy generation that isn’t your typical dance crowd.

“I really do mean this,” says Kuebler, leaning forward to stress his point. “I want to make accessible work that can also be artistic and take people on an unexpected journey. I want to draw people that don’t necessarily go to the theatre. That’s critical to me."

This very physical contemporary company aims to expand the art of physical performance using a versatile amorphous language of dance, martial arts, theatre, music and other forms. Balancing the raw and unstructured with the precise and exact, they focus these ambitious forms with a theatrical sensibility. This creates a greater capacity to experiment and delve into the furthest edges of choreographic innovation and physical performance.

“"GLORY" is one of the best shows I have ever seen, dance or otherwise, and is an excellent example of using multiple art forms together to enrich and enliven dance.” - David Clennin, School of Contemporary Arts

GLORY Trailer:

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