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Falling Awake & Habitats Falling Awake - Ragmop Theatre

Falling Awake is a surreal physical comedy about a women and her deceased lover meeting in the dreams.

This ingenious and playful little physical comedy from Vancouver’s much-travelled Ragmop Theatre duo doesn’t just smudge the border between waking and sleeping, it’s an all-access pass into the dreamland where memory and fantasy live, and free association calls the shots.

What gives Falling Awake its bounce is the inspired way it incorporates a technical skill set borrowed from physical comedy and mime into a bona fide theatrical landscape. The rubber-faced Nayana Fielkov tunes her giddy soprano trill to both frequencies: tears and laughter. Her partner, Matthew McCorkie — lanky, grave, with an impressive illusionist’s repertoire and an uncanny resemblance to early Borat — imperturbably dances with an umbrella in a strong wind, or produces a tuba for a singalong.

Falling Awake is a multi-award winning surrealist physical comedy about a women and her deceased lover meeting beyond the veil. Brimming with mesmerizing illusions, tender serenades, and scenarios so absurd you’d wonder if you were dreaming. Hilarious and exquisite, this show features spontaneous fish, salt, flash floods, the musing of love, and the questionable nature of reality.

There will be an opening act for this performance: HABITATS by Three Little Red Dots.

“Mastery of physical theatre” – London Free Press
“Seamless in every aspect” -CJLO Montreal
“Breathtaking physical actors” -Theatre in London
“Wonderulfly Bizarre” Vue Weekly Edmonton

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlhTt45OTAI

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