Nashville Hurricane - Chase Padgett

Nashville Hurricane - Chase Padgett Nashville Hurricane - Chase Padgett

40 years ago a mysterious acoustic guitarist appeared from nowhere, conquered the music industry, and vanished without a trace … until now.

Fresh off the heels of his smash hit 6 Guitars, virtuoso actor and musician Chase Padgett weaves four characters, six strings, and more notes than could humanly be counted into a bit of theatrical magic with Nashville Hurricane.

He becomes a manager, a mother, a mentor, and a guitar prodigy himself as each one tells their side of the rise, demise and resurrection of the best damn guitar player you’ve never heard of; the Nashville Hurricane.

Padgett is a remarkable talent on many fronts - his character work is astounding, he banters with the crowd like a seasoned pro, and his furious flurry of fretwork on the guitar is breathtaking.

During the course of this one man masterpiece, Padgett tells the story about Henry Waltrip (the Nashville Hurricane) from his humble trailer park beginnings alongside his white trash mother, Brenda to the crazy gigs on the road with his blues playing mentor, Tyrone.

The stories and songs unfold into hilarious rants on love and music, a riveting tale involving the dark side of show bix, and blazing guitar work any audience is sure to rave about such as the finale; a one man acoustic “Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

Filled with comedy, music, and characters, this curious tale of finger picking fury will blow you away!

Nashville Hurricane is a force of nature. Don’t let it pass by without you. - CBC
Simply a stunner. —Winnipeg Free Press
Chase Padgett is nothing short of an electrical storm —Edmonton Journal
Laugh out loud funny and flat out mesmerizing. —Orlando Weekly

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