TELEMETRY - Shay Kuebler

TELEMETRY - Shay Kuebler TELEMETRY - Shay Kuebler Radical System Art

Telemetry looks to voice how the human body is an antenna and satellite for sound, energy, and memory. Through this reception, how the body translates and transmits this information into a new purely physical form, incorporating interactive lighting and a physical language influenced by of tap, swing, jazz and house dancing.

Kuebler has reached an extremely high level of play here, sculpting the breathlessly fast movement to the nth degree, but never losing the raw, loose feel that his street-smart style demands.

Telemetry is a bold departure for one of Vancouver’s most exciting choreographers. Known for his hybrid of street and contemporary dance and martial arts, Kuebler’s work has always had a narrative, theatrical feel, often incorporating sociopolitical messages.

In Karoshi, he took on the work-till-you-die culture of Japan; in the multimedia Glory, he tackled the rising amount of violence in our world. Now, at 33, he is more about pure movement.

This new piece has taken him back to tap, a form he started out in as a boy. “Tap really embodies sound.” he says. “You literally can hear and feel what they are doing. It’s very pure.”

The score's skittery electrobeats bounce off tap dancer Danny Nielsen, who reacts with his own clicking maelstrom, which spurs ripples of movement through a corps of dancers who in turn seem to stimulate a new wave of rhythms from Nielsen.

Tap brings an element of improvisation into the work as well, and has been eagerly adopted by standout dancers Tyler Layton-Olson, Lexi Vajda, Nicholas Lydiate, Maxine Chadburn, and Hayden Fong, not to mention the hyperenergized Kuebler himself.

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