A Beginner's Guide to NELSONIA

A Beginner's Guide to NELSONIA After two sold out shows in January, Lucas Myers returns to the Capitol Theatre with his comedic love letter to Nelson, BC. A Beginner's Guide to Nelsonia.

From the busy coffee shops to the insanity inducing four way stops, from ripping lines off the mountain top to wandering the well heeled aisles of the new Co-op, what is it that makes our particular little patch of paradise unique, joyous and, yes, maybe a little ridiculous?

Presented as a lecture for newbies, A Beginner's Guide to Nelsonia features Lucas Myers transforming into various inhabitants of Nelsonís diverse populace who all speak their truth, whether itís through sock puppets, songs, or absurd, TED Talk-like presentations.

Photo Credit: Kamala Melzack

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