Alice in Nelsonland - 30th Annual Christmas Pantomime

Alice in Nelsonland - expect the unexpected!

The Capitol Theatre’s 30th Anniversary Pantomime promises to be full of fun and loaded with laughs. Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, retold as a pantomime by Archie Wilson, invites theatregoers to follow Alice and the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole in “Alice in Nelsonland,”

Starring...Shasta Barkman as Alice, Michael Graham as Queen, Heather Gingras as White Rabbit, Mary Defeo as King and many more.

This year there is live music by three roving Nelsonland troubadours. There are muffins and mushrooms that make Alice big and small, and "Who in the world am I?" is the key question in this hilarious bit of theatrical chaos. Everything is possible in Nelsonland!

“We’re excited to create a magical wonderland to surround the audience, and enhance the senses with the vibrant sights and sounds of Nelsonland, ” says Avi Phillips, this year’s Christmas Pantomime director.

The annual Panto kicks off the holiday season and brings all ages out to boo, cheer, and laugh along with their fellow Nelsonites on stage. Phillips has worked plenty of characters, musical numbers, and audience participation into the script. Choreographer Glynis Waring and musical director Tyler James have worked to ensure that all the actors shine.

A mainstay of local theatre, the Panto is also an important fundraiser for the Capitol.

“People wait all year for the Panto,” says Capitol Theatre Executive Director Stephanie Fischer. “The production is always professional, entertaining, and so much fun. From set designers and painters to prop masters and costumers, everyone involved puts in one hundred percent.”

The Kootenay Coop is once again this year’s major show sponsor, and Fischer is thrilled. “The Kootenay Coop is an important community asset. It has all the best products for a really great mad tea-party.” Thank you also to Bloom Nightclub who came also on board as a theatre partner.

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