IMPULSE Impulse: Set foot into an evening of unspoken dialogue, which permeates through the mediums of the body through movement and music.

Soundscaper: Adrian Wagner
Body Poet: Slava Doval
Movement Artist: Eldon Pulak

Adrian Wagner has played a wide spectrum of shows and concerts, from intimate shows for 50 people to live performances in front of three thousand festival goers. Adrian has performed at Kaslo Jazz Fest, Starbelly Jam, Shambhala Music Festival, Om Festival, Revelstoke Music Festival, Unity Festival, Berklee Hall in Boston, and the Reisinger Hall in New York City.

Slava Doval is the creative director of Dance Fusion, a vibrant dance school based in Nelson BC who's students perform throughout the Kootenays.

Eldon Pulak has performed as a professional dancer throughout North America, Europe and Asia at numerous festivals such as Modafe (Seoul, South Korea), Coda (Oslo, Norway) December Dance (Bruges, Belgium) and Danse Danse (Montreal, Canada).

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