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Seating ChartThe Auditorium (house) The house is 426 seats divided into three sections, left, centre, and right. Sixteen are wheelchair accessible. The stage capacity is 62 people. The stage consists of a semicircular apron 12 feet (3.5m) deep, by 37 feet (11m) wide. The area behind the main curtain is 20 feet (6m) deep, by 25 feet (7.5m) wide. The proscenium arch is 25 feet (7.5m) wide, by 20 feet (6m) high. There is no fly system, but there are limited dead hang positions from the grid which is 24 feet (7m) above the stage floor. There is limited wing space stage left, and the wing space to the right is located directly in front of the main stage door. There is an understage crossover. The stage floor is masonite panels on wood, and can be painted with latex only. It is not permitted to screw scenic pieces into the floor. We have a Marley dance floor which can be installed upon request



Lighting System

We have a selection of lighting instuments. We have an ETC Sensor Dimming Rack with 72 2.4 kW dimmers and an ETC Express 24/48 Lighting Console. The set-up of the lighting equipment is done by the theatre staff. You may supply your own operator approved by technical staff.



Sound System

Equipment available for your use includes 1 Allen and Heath QU24 mixing console, 1 Blu-Ray Player, 2 CD Players, 4 microphones with stands and cables, 2 Mains Speakers, and 2 Stage Monitors. During restoration, the theatre contracted an acoustical engineer who specifically "tuned" the theatre for optimum sound response.



Video Projection System

We have a Christie DWU775-E projector in the lighting booth at the back of the house. It can be projected onto the cyc at the upstage wall or onto the screen at the proscenium arch.




The Orchestra Pit

The orchestra pit accommodates approximately 20 musicians. The theatre has 32 music stands that are available to your group, but you must provide your own orchestra lights. The theatre owns a Clavinova 560 piano which can be moved into the orchestra pit, but the Yamaha grand piano cannot leave stage level.



Other Staging Information

We have a wired Clearcom system with positions Stage Left and Right, Mid-House, and in the Booth. Our curtains are made of high-quality fire resistant velour. The main drape is controlled from stage right as are the black midstage and upstage travellers. There are four moveable black legs. No set painting is permitted onstage to protect the draperies. Dressing Rooms and the Green Room. The dressing room can be partitioned to make two separate rooms, or can be left open for one big dressing room. There are washrooms and showers on each side of the dressing room. The Green Room is also available for use. Alcohol is prohibited backstage and pyrotechnics and open flame are prohibited onstage.

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