Capitol Theatre - Planned Giving


The simplest and most popular charitable gift. All donations of $25.00 or more will receive a tax receipt. Any donations may be designated to a specific area of interest within a theatre. Donations of over $500 per year will receive recognition in the in theatre programs, and on a mirror display in the lobby. Donations of over $5000 per year receive permanent recognition with the donors name prominently displayed on a plaque in the lobby. Donations may also be made to the Capitol Theatre fund in the Osprey Community Foundation.

Gifts in Memorial
Donations given in remembrance of friends or family receive permanent recognition with their name prominently displayed on a plaque in the theatre lobby.

Gifts in Kind
The Capitol Theatre functions with many kinds of support. A combination of donated materials, purchased materials, goods, skills, and labour, make renovations and up keep of the facility possible. A gift in kind receives a charitable receipt for the value of the gift. An excellent example of a gift in kind, is the renovation which was made to the Capitol Theatre lobby and box office.


Deferred Gifts

Charitable Bequests
A bequest in your will may specify a certain sum of money, a particular asset, or a portion of your estate. Your estate is entitled to a tax receipt which could substantially reduce your tax payable on a final tax return.

Life Insurance
A gift of a Life Insurance policy can provide a significant future gift for the Capitol Theatre. You may choose an existing policy or take out a new policy. The Capitol Theatre would be the recipient/owner of a new policy. You would receive a tax receipt monthly for your premium contributions.

Charitable Remainder Trust
This is where you irrevocably transfer property (cash, real-estate, or securities) to a trust and receive income, either for life or a period of years. At the end of that time, the balance of the principal is distributed to the charity. You receive a tax receipt at the time you arrange the trust for the value of the remainder of interest.

Gifts of Residual Interest
A special benefit to the donor. If you are inclined you may donate your residence to the Capitol Theatre, but would retain the right to occupy it for the duration of your life. Other examples would be a piano or art work. In each case you receive a tax receipt for the present value or "residual" interest of the gift.

Who Benefits From Your Gift?
By supporting the Capitol Theatre you help to maintain and enhance the Capitol Theatre Heritage building, to provide a facility for the visual and performing arts, to help the Capitol Theatre Restoration Society serve as a performing arts resource and referral facility for the community, and to provide instruction and opportunity to practice theatre arts and related skills.

How Do You Leave A Gift?
Contact your legal advisor and/or your financial, or estate planning advisor. He/she can assist you in planning your gift to the Capitol Theatre. Plan today to give. Prepare a will. Leave a dollar value or a percentage of your assets in your will, as your gift to the Capitol Theatre or to the Capitol's fund in the Osprey Community Foundation. Encourage others to the do the same.



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