Capitol Theatre - Rental Basics

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*Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the full Guide if you are signing a rental agreement with the Capitol Theatre, as your signature on the contract indicates that you have read it and are in agreement with the guidelines and policies listed within it.


The Capitol Theatre is located at 421 Victoria Street in downtown Nelson.


The only sources of parking are the metered spots located around the Theatre.


Performers are permitted to enter through the front lobby door which is unlocked during regular business hours, Tuesday to Friday 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm.

Equipment, scenery, etc. should enter through the large loading door located in the alley at the rear of the building. Please refrain from loading equipment in through the lobby or the auditorium as you will encounter stairs on the way to the shop/backstage area, and the front entrance and lobby are where the patrons
access the box office.


Inside the Theatre:


The theatre seats 426 patrons, with 406 theatre seats and 20 chairs that make up “Row X” at the back.


All admission tickets for presentations at the Capitol Theatre are printed by the Capitol Theatre. Ticket sales through the Capitol Box Office are available to your patrons from noon to 4:30 Tuesday through Friday and one hour before your performances. Ticket sales through the Capitol Theatre website are available 24/7. Detailed cost information regarding ticketing can be found in the full Guide under “Seating, Tickets and Publicity.”


Due to our heavy booking schedule and lack of storage space, it is not possible to store equipment or props at the theatre prior to or after your rental period. Anything left behind after an event becomes property of the Capitol Theatre and will be dealt with at the theatre’s discretion.


The dressing rooms can be partitioned to make two separate rooms, or left open for one big one. The Green Room is a room in which actors can relax prior to and during the show. It would be greatly appreciated by the theatre staff if the dressing rooms and the Green Room could be kept clean.


Staff Included in Your Rental:


One of our technical staff will be working with you at all times while you are in the theatre. They are responsible for the theatre equipment and maintaining the integrity of the theatre, and will be assisting you with the set up of your production.

The CapitolBOX OFFICE:

You have a few options regarding how you create and sell your tickets through our box office. Please see the full guide for the detailed information regarding your choices.


Before, during and after your production a competent staff of volunteers manage the patrons, run the concession, and take tickets at the door. If you have any additional needs regarding the time around your production, please let us know so that our volunteer staff can arrive prepared.


Before the show and during intermission, our concession is open and run by our front-of-house volunteer staff. We sell Nelson Chocofellar chocolates, water, juice, pop, coffee and our bar sells red and white wine and several different types of Nelson Brewery Company beer.


TechnicalTell us what you want. If you provide us with adequate technical specifications, we will try to ensure that what you need is possible. We recommend that you appoint ONE person to be the Technical Contact for your group. We also recommend that you contact our Technical Director at least three weeks prior to the first day of your rental period.

You can contact the technical staff by phone (250)352-6363 or fax (250)352-6303 or email us

We can provide you with information regarding our lighting, stage specs, sound set up. Just let us know what you need.

If you have any special technical requirements such as complex lighting or an extensive sound setup, you will not be able to start any rehearsals until after those are set up. Be prepared to spend at least 2 hours focusing and setting up the equipment.

Please also be sure to plan enough time for our technicians to run cues during rehearsal in order to ensure a smooth production.

Please also note that the house hang must be restored within your rental period.

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